Top Selling Cosmetics Brands in India

Top Selling Cosmetics Brands in India– We cannot deny that our best new friend is our cosmetic. Gone are those days when personality completely depended on the natural looks which have been revived by more exotic and sophisticated look which is achieved none other than the art of cosmetics. Below listed are the top selling cosmetics brands in India of 2017 & 2018 which you can trust.

Unbelievable to see how the cosmetic industry grew into an empire never before like now which are achieved by best brand names who have been serving beauty since many decades?Cosmetic Industries are not just about a simple lipstick or kohl but has multiplied in the fortnights with companies going giant and variant.

Best Selling Cosmetics Brands in India

Owning a good cosmetic product is a boon for the skin. The quality and efficacy that a good cosmetic brand show is incomparable to the good results it will show. Want to know which names top the list of best-selling cosmetic brands in India?

Wild Ferns New Zealand Cosmetic Products

Wild Ferns is one of the most recommended cosmetic brand of New Zealand which most celebrities and models use. The cosmetic products of this brand is made of natural & organic extracts which provide you best natural feeling.

Lakmè Cosmetics:

Lakmè is the best cosmetic brand in India with the first company to launch its own array of face & body products. It is the product of Unilever brand and has been more than half a century since when they started in 1952. It is widely trusted brand in India.

  • The products range from lipsticks to eyeliners, creams to moisturizers, sunscreens to body lotions etc. it is one the most celebrated brands of esteemed Vogue.
  •  The consumers around the world are billions and millions in India alone. They never fail to surprise and introduce the new product to their ranges.

Revlon India Cosmetics

Revlon India which is originally an American based company started in 1932, took a long road of success when it was introduced in 1995 to reach the best brands of cosmetics in India so far.

  • They are best known for their huge range of luring lipstick colors, nail paints, and eye liners.
  • It was one of the first international cosmetics companies to set foot in India.
  • Widely appreciated for the quality and array of products, it is bit expensive if compared with Lakmè.


Cosmetics are very important in a female life and it is really necessary to use the best quality cosmetics. So above mentioned are the best cosmetics brands available in India. Cosmetics are a huge part in any female life and cosmetics as they are applied on skin. So they have to be of good quality. Choose the best cosmetics brands in India to maintain good health of skin.

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