Top Selling Beauty Brands In India

Top Selling Beauty Brands In India – Beauty brands provide a wide range of beauty products in India. There are different top-selling beauty brands in India which provide good quality products. You should choose a fine beauty brand for your skin and body. If you will use a good quality of skin care product then you will get the healthy and beautiful skin. 

Beauty brands offer a series of products such as cosmetics, skincare, body care, face creams, moisturizers, nail care products, and many more products. Choosing the best beauty brand for your skin care is important. The products should be free of harmful cosmetics and should be effective in application.

Top Selling Beauty Brands In India 

•    Wild Ferns Skin Care Products – Wild Ferns is a reputed name in the beauty world. We manufacture real skin care products that are effective in use. We make use of natural ingredients such as honey, Avocado, Kiwifruit, mud, lanolin which are natural things and can work wonders for your skin. 

•    Lakme products – Lakme is a trusted brand in India. This company is providing its service for many years. Lakme brand is marked as number one in the top ten makeup brands in India. Lakme skincare collection consists of various products such as sun protection creams, moisturizers, foundation, eyeliners, kajal, lipsticks, lip gloss etc.

•    Loreal Paris – Loreal Paris is the largest cosmetic brand which gives a perfect makeup collection. Its products are very fine in quality and are best for all skin types. 

•    Revlon India – Revlon India is a famous brand that offers the best makeup products in India. Top Revlon makeup products include mascara, lip tints, full coverage foundation, eyebrow kit, compact, matte lip colors etc. These products are high in quality as well as rich in ingredients that are best for skin use.

•    Lotus Herbals – Lotus Herbals is a brand that manufactures products that are composed of natural ingredients. It offers a wide range of skin and body care products that are pure and organic. Lotus Herbals brand includes all types of skin care products, hair shampoos, makeup products, winter care products etc. 

List Of Top Selling Beauty Products In India

•    Wild Ferns Bee Venom Anti Ageing Serum 

•    O3+ Purifying Sulfur Cooling Facial Mask

•    Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Tea Tree Skin Repair Serum


Above mentioned are all the best beauty brands and all of them produce high-quality products. You can choose any one of them and use them on your body or face accordingly. It is advised to not to use cheap products on your face as they may contain harmful chemicals that can cause harm to your skin.  

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Top Selling Cosmetics Brands in India

Top Selling Cosmetics Brands in India– We cannot deny that our best new friend is our cosmetic. Gone are those days when personality completely depended on the natural looks which have been revived by more exotic and sophisticated look which is achieved none other than the art of cosmetics. Below listed are the top selling cosmetics brands in India of 2017 & 2018 which you can trust.

Unbelievable to see how the cosmetic industry grew into an empire never before like now which are achieved by best brand names who have been serving beauty since many decades?Cosmetic Industries are not just about a simple lipstick or kohl but has multiplied in the fortnights with companies going giant and variant.

Best Selling Cosmetics Brands in India

Owning a good cosmetic product is a boon for the skin. The quality and efficacy that a good cosmetic brand show is incomparable to the good results it will show. Want to know which names top the list of best-selling cosmetic brands in India?

Wild Ferns New Zealand Cosmetic Products

Wild Ferns is one of the most recommended cosmetic brand of New Zealand which most celebrities and models use. The cosmetic products of this brand is made of natural & organic extracts which provide you best natural feeling.

Lakmè Cosmetics:

Lakmè is the best cosmetic brand in India with the first company to launch its own array of face & body products. It is the product of Unilever brand and has been more than half a century since when they started in 1952. It is widely trusted brand in India.

  • The products range from lipsticks to eyeliners, creams to moisturizers, sunscreens to body lotions etc. it is one the most celebrated brands of esteemed Vogue.
  •  The consumers around the world are billions and millions in India alone. They never fail to surprise and introduce the new product to their ranges.

Revlon India Cosmetics

Revlon India which is originally an American based company started in 1932, took a long road of success when it was introduced in 1995 to reach the best brands of cosmetics in India so far.

  • They are best known for their huge range of luring lipstick colors, nail paints, and eye liners.
  • It was one of the first international cosmetics companies to set foot in India.
  • Widely appreciated for the quality and array of products, it is bit expensive if compared with Lakmè.


Cosmetics are very important in a female life and it is really necessary to use the best quality cosmetics. So above mentioned are the best cosmetics brands available in India. Cosmetics are a huge part in any female life and cosmetics as they are applied on skin. So they have to be of good quality. Choose the best cosmetics brands in India to maintain good health of skin.

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Best Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

Best Indian bridal makeup tips – Wedding is the special day where the bride needs to look her level best for the obvious reasons. You cannot take off your eyes from the bride on her big day. But in some cases due to lack of proper knowledge many brides fails to manage to look their best. Therefore, we are here to brush up your knowledge with the best Indian bridal makeup tips. You can follow these tips to shine throughout your big day.

You obviously will not do your own makeup in the wedding but you need to have the basic knowledge. This will help you to get a look of your choice. Sometimes makeup artists do makeup blunders and that ends up in not so good looking look of the bride. So you can blend your ideas with their experience to get the look of your dreams on your special day.

Top Indian bridal makeup tips

Makeup is something not everyone can do with the perfection. There are few important things that you need to know before wearing makeup. And when it comes to bridal makeup, things have to be taken extra care of. So below mentioned are the best Indian bridal makeup tips that you need to follow to get the perfect look.

Match makeup with your outfit

Makeup and your attire should match otherwise you can miss the chance of looking the best at your special day. First of all take a look at your clothes and jewelry and then match the makeup with it. Choose matching or contrasting colors as per your convenience.  Make sure you do not any changes in the last minute because they can spoil your look for the day.

Pick up the right foundation

It is very important to choose the right foundation. You might be aware of your skin tone so choose accordingly. Any bad choice can make you look bad, fairer or darker than your actual skin tone. Choose a foundation color that matches your skin tone. Do not forget to apply foundation on the uncovered parts like arms, neck etc.

Use highlighters

You can make a smart choice of using highlighters instead of shimmers and glitters. The main goal is to look glowing and usually shimmers make you look like a bulb. Highlighters highlights the details of the makeup. Do not forget to highlight the main parts such as nose, chin, forehead, and other parameters of the face.

Right lipstick

Choose a lipstick that stays long and do not smudge because you do not have enough time to wear it every hour. Also wear a lipstick that matches your attire and your skin tone perfectly. Do not follow the trend blindly and make the smart choice. You can pull out the extra lipstick using a tissue paper or your finger.

Eye makeup

Eye makeup is the most important and beautiful makeups. You can choose either the shimmery makeup or a classic one according to your outfit. If you want your eye makeup to last long then apply a translucent powder before wearing eye makeup. This will prevent the meltdown which is a common problem in the summer season. You can blend your eye makeup with the beautiful shimmers.

Eye lashes and brows

Eye lashes look effortlessly beautiful in every way. You can use fake eye lashes to add charm in your look. Try it before some time for the wedding for the comfort. Do not wear if you are not comfortable. Then comes your eye brows. If you thick eye brows then you just need to shape them.. And if you have thin, then fill the brows with the color that matches your skin tone.


Makeup is something that enhances the look of every woman and it becomes more special on your big day. One should really need to have the proper knowledge about the bridal makeup so that they can get the perfect look. So if you were looking for the best tips of Indian bridal makeup then I hope this might have been helpful.

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